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Public Attributes

glWinProp Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int always_show_obj
GLfloat ambientLight [4]
float back_alpha
float back_blue
float back_green
float back_red
yBox3D boxAll
long BoxSeqNum
float cage_alpha
float cage_blue
float cage_green
float cage_red
long cage_seq_num
long cage_state
long cage_style
float cage_xmax
float cage_xmin
float cage_ymax
float cage_ymin
float cage_zmax
float cage_zmin
double center [3]
GLint cull_mode
float curr_alpha
GLfloat curr_ambient [4]
GLint curr_cull_mode
GLfloat curr_diffuse [4]
GLint curr_light_model
GLint curr_mat_color
GLfloat curr_mat_spec [4]
GLint curr_poly_mode
GLint curr_poly_sides
GLfloat curr_position [4]
GLint curr_shade_model
GLfloat curr_specular [4]
int cursor_action
GLfloat diffuseLight [4]
int dirty
double eye [3]
float fov
float grid_alpha
float grid_blue
float grid_green
float grid_red
int hascubetex
int hasTex3d
int hasTex3dExt
int hasTexExt
int have_gl_list
long hite
struct glInnerWinPropinner
glInnerWinProp innerWin
GLint light_model
long list_num
GLint mat_color
GLfloat mat_spec
glBindTextureProc myglBindTexture3D
MYTEX3DFUNC myglTexImage3D_ptr
char * name
int num_xgrid
int num_ygrid
int num_zgrid
int object_on
GLint poly_mode
GLint poly_sides
GLfloat positionLight [4]
p_scr * s
long seq_num
GLint shade_model
GLfloat specularLight [4]
int tex3dChecked
int the_gl_list
p_win * top_win
double up [3]
long use_array
long use_list
double view [3]
double viewdist
long width

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file glcode.h.

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